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das hat es alles nicht gegeben

sagen die mullahs, aber die menschen sind nicht mehr da. weg. heimlich in einem namenlosen massengrab verscharrt, oder nach einer "sonderbehandlung" (zumeist verbrennen der leichen, um folterspuren zu verwischen) an die trauernden familien "ausgeliefert"...

Killed by Government Forces:

On 1 July, Tehran’s police chief admitted at least 20 fatalities in Tehran but the true numbers are most probably much higher. The Campaign has been able to identify only the names of a few persons killed in Tehran during recent protests because of the extreme restrictions imposed by the government. There are also reports of fatalities in other cities but the Campaign has not been able to collect any reliable information.

1. Neda Aghasoltan, student, was murdered at the demonstration in Tehran on 20 June 2009

2. Naser Amirnejad, Aerospace PhD student, was murdered during the attack on the Tehran University dormitories on the night of Wednesday, 14 June 2009. His body was buried in his hometown, one of the villages in the city of Yasouj on 19 June 2009.’

3. Mehdi Karami, 17, killed in Janat Abad Street, Tehran, 15 June 2009

4. Kianoosh Assa, chemistry student at Elm va Sanaat University, killed in Tehran

5. Yaghoub Barvayeh, master’s degree student at Tehran University, shot in the head in Tehran near Lolagar mosque, died in Loghman-e-Hakim Hospital on 25 June

6. Kaveh Alipour, killed in Tehran

7. Hossein Tahmassebi, 25, was beaten to death with batons to his chest at Nobahar street in Kermanshah on 20 June

8. Davoud Sadri, 25, killed on 15 June in Mohammad Ali Jenah Street, in front of a Basij base in Tehran.

9. Sohrab Aarabi, 19, died of gunshot wounds to his heart

10. Fatemeh Samsarian, killed during the silent march in Azadi Sqaure on 15 June, her son was also shot

11. Mohsen Ruholamini, the son of a supporter of unsuccessful presidential candidate, Mohsen Rezai, died of meningitis and was returned to his family reportedly bearing marks of torture and ill-treatment

12. Amin Javadifar, a student detained on 9 July, reportedly died in detention

13. Saeed Abasi, 27 year old store manager, was shot in the head on 30 June in clear sight of his father during a protest

14. Ramin Qahremani, 30 year old who was tortured in prison and whose body was delivered to his family recently. According to the Norooz website, he was arrested in his home after agents identified him from a bank security camera. He was kept in prison and tortured for 10 days before being released. He told his mother that for several days he was suspended from his feet. He was taken to the hospital a few days before being released for internal bleeding in his chest. Ramin’s body was buried under the supervision of the police forces.

15. Alireza Eftekhari, 29 year old journalist who worked for the economic newspaper, Abrar

16. Mostafa Ghanian, graduate architecture student at Tehran University, was shot in his head while chanting “God is Great” on top of the roof of the 8 levels building in Saadatabad in Tehran by plain clothes officers on 16 June and died immediately.

17. Ashkan Sohrabi, 18, was shot and killed on 20 June in Tehran demonstrations

18. Taraneh Mousavi, was arrested on 28 June near to the Masjed Ghoba, she was reported as disappeared for several weeks and finally her burned body was found around Ghazvin. It was reported that she was severely sexually abused while she was in detention. Her case was denied by the State while the reformist candidate, Karoubi, revealed the entire story.

19. Mohammad Kamrani, 18, was arrested in Tehran on 9 July 2009 and was transferred first to Kahrizak detention center and later to Evin prison. On 15 July 2009, his family was informed that he was in Evin and he was transferred to Loghman hospital under guard control. His family was able to get permission to transfer him to Mehr hospital but he died on 16 July in the hospital because of his severe injuries.

20. Abbas Disnad, teacher and shop owner in Karoun Street in Tehran, was beaten by batons to his head and suffered a stroke while on his way back home on 20 June 2009. He went into a coma for 3 days and died in Shahriar Hospital.

21. Ramin Ramezani, 20, serving compulsory military service, was shot during a demonstration in Tehran on June 15 and died in the hospital.

22. Behzad Mohajer, 47, was shot in the chest on 15 June 2009 in Tehran. After 47 days, his frozen body was returned to his family.

23. Sorour Bromand, 58, was shot and killed in Tehran on 15 June 2009,

24. Fatemeh Rajab pour, 38, was shot and killed in Tehran on 15 June 2009

25. Hamid Madah Shourche, a member of Mousavi’s campaign in Mash’had, was arrested while he was protesting in Goharshad Mosque in Mash’had. He was tortured and died a few days after his release, in the first week of July, because of brain hemorrhaging.

26. Masoud Hashemzadeh, 27, was shot and killed on 20 June in Tehran and buried in Khoshkebijar in Rasht.

27. Pouya Maghsoud Baygi, medical student in Kermanshah, was arrested on 20 June by Intelligence forces in Kermanshah and was tortured to death in the prison.

28. Alireza Tavasoli, 12, died due baton beatings to his head in Beheshtzahra on 30 July, and buried in Arak.

29. Farzad Hashti, killed in Tehran

30. Mahmoud Reisie Najafi, shot in Azadi Square on 15 June while he was returning home. He remained alive for 13 days but his family was afraid to take him to the hospital. Report in Farsi here

Injured people arrested by Intelligence Ministry and no information about their fate:

1) Ramin Rasouli

2) Farhad Azhari

3) Majid Nik

4) Mohammad Hossein Rafiee

5) Ali Asgari, he was shot in the eye and taken to Farabi Hospital

6) Farshid Karimi, was in Imam Khomeini Hospital


The following list was published widely in Farsi, and the Campaign is trying to confirm them. The following list was selected among the list published in

1. Arman Estakhri, 18, beaten by batons to his head and went into a coma and died on 13 July 2009.

2. Abolfazl Abdolahi, 21, was shot and killed on 25 June 2009 on Azadi Street in Tehran

3. Ahmad Naiem Abadi, was shot and killed on 25 June in Tehran,

4. Amir Kaviri, high school graduate, no more information

5. Iamn Hashemi, was shot and killed on 25 June 2009 in Azadi Street in Tehran,

6. Iman Namazi, student of civil engineering at Tehran university, died during the attacks on Tehran University dormitories on 20 June.

7. Babak Sepehr, 35, shot and killed on Azadi Street,

8. Shayler Khezri, student, died during the attack on Tehran University dormitories, was buried in Piranshahr, Kurdistan

9. Bahman Jenaiee, 20, was shot and killed

10. Hamed Besharati, 26, was shot and killed on Azadi Street

11. Hossein Akhtarzand, died in Isfahan

12. Tina Soudi, shot and killed in Enghelab Square on 25 June

13. Hossein Akbari, was arrested and later his family was asked to get his body from the Emam Khomeini Hospital. His death was recorded as the brain trauma and marks from baton hits were on his body at the time his family received his body.

14. Hossein Kazemini, 19, shot and killed during a demonstration

15. Salar Ghorbani Param, 22, shot and killed during a demonstration in Tehran

16. Salar Tahmasebi, 27, graduate student in Rasht, was shot and killed in Tehran on 25 June

17. Saeed Esmaieeli Khanbebin, 23, died due to baton hits to his head and was buried in Khanbebin in the province of Golestan

18. Sayed Reza Tabatabaiee, was shot and killed on 25 June in Tehran on Azerbayjan Street

19. Ali Shahedi, 24, was arrested and transferred to the police station in Tehran Pars in Tehran and died on 26 June from baton hits to his head

20. Ali Fathalian, died in front of Lolagar Mosque in Tehran during a demonstration in Tehran.

21. Fatemeh Barati, student, died during the attacks on Tehran University dormitories

22. Farzad Jashni, died in Tehran and his body was buried in Abdanan in Ilam on 19 June

23. Fahimeh Salahshour, 25, died due from head injuries on 15 June in Tehran

24. Mobina Ehterami, student in Tehran, died during the attack on Tehran University dormitories on 14 June

25. Moharam Chegini Ghashghaiee, 34, no more information

26. Mohsen Hadadi, 24, shot in the head on 25 June in Tehran

27. Mohammad Hossein Barzegar, shot in the head on 17 June in Haft Tir Square in Tehran

28. Mohammad Hossein Fayzi, 26, no more information on his heath

29. Mohammad Nikzadi, 22, shot in the chest and killed in Vanak Square on 16 June in Tehran

30. Maryam MehrAzin, 24, shot and killed on Azadi Street

31. Masoud Khosravi, shot and killed on 20 June 2009 on Azadi Street

32. Mostafa Kiarostami, 22, died from head injuries sustained during Friday prayer on 17 July after he was transferred to the hospital

33. Moazez, 27, shot in the eyes on 25 June on Azadi Street in Tehran

34. Maysam Ebadi, 17, shot and killed on 13 June in Falakeh sadeghieh in Tehran

35. Milad yazdanpanah, 30, shot and killed on Azadi Street in Tehran

36. Nader Naseri, shot and killed on 25 June in Tehran on Khosh Street and was buried in Babol, in northern Iran

37. Vahed Akbari, 34, shot and killed on 25 June in Vanak

38. Vahid Reza Tabatabaiee, 29, shot and killed on 24 July in Baharestan in Tehran

39. Parisa Keli, 25, shot in the neck on 21 July on Keshavarz Boulevard in Tehran

40. Kambiz Shoaie, student, died during the attacks on Tehran University Dormitories on 14 June

41. Kasra Sharari, student, died during the attacks on Tehran University Dormitories on 14 June

42. Saeedeh Pouraqaee, died in custody after being arrested by plainclothes Basij officers while chanting “Allah-u-Akbar” on a rooftop. After 20 days, her body was identified by her mother in a cold storage facility in southern Tehran. She was beaten while in custody and acid was poured on her body. She was secretly buried by security forces in Section 302 of Behesht Zahra Cemetery.

There are also several hundred injuries about which there is no available information. Some of the injuries could be life threatening. The Campaign has been informed that Ashkan Zahabian, a member of the Modern Faction of the Islamic Students Association of Ferdowsi University has been severely injured after attacks by members of Basiji Militia and is currently in a coma.

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