Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

assange is jetzt sowas wie ein held

leider ist er auch selbstverliebt und dämlich, aber daran sind die USA schuld :)

sorry, but there is no "democratic right" for STEALING something, be it a car, a plane or (classified) data. it does not belong to wikileaks, it didnt belong to the guy who stole it in the first place. if you do something illegal, you should be ready to bear the consequences of your doing, otherwise you're a whiny pussy! and i am deeply sorry to say that: there is no such thing like a "democratic right" or whatsoever that allows pigs to be more equal than the other animals on orwell's farm. even if you are some kinda hero to some people (according to recent surveys its less then 50% who approve what WL is doing, just for record!) the law is EQUAL to everybody. so, if you are stupid enough to position yourself against almost EVERY government in this world, against EVERY spook service worldwide, then you oughta be so smart not to put your johnson in every vagina that comes along - as even people like me KNOW that EVERY sercret service in the last 2000 years used venus traps to denigrate their enemies. easy as this: no sex with strangers, when 99% of the world spooks are hunting you. besides this: i read some articles today that speak of the presumed victims of assange's libido. the case is much less clear then some of you think. both alleged victims are far left activists (one is a social democrat, the other a union official - both do not seem to be very us-friedly) - hey but who cares, its today's mick jagger, he can rape every girl he wants, as long as he has enough fans. how can that be democratic?

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