Dienstag, 7. Juli 2009

ziviler ungehorsam

kann auch im geheimen erfolgen...

In the privacy of her home she takes all the banknotes from her purse and, with the help of her two children, writes on them “Mousavi” or “Death to the Dictator”. Then she goes out and spends them, using the legal currency of the Islamic Republic to undermine a rotten state.

And on Iran’s city streets, collection boxes for government-run charities are filling up with slips of paper bearing Mr Mousavi’s name to show how many votes he really got.

The basiji are hitting back at some forms of protest. They are reportedly lashing out with their batons at cars that drive with their headlights on to show support for Mr Mousavi. They have also been painting red crosses on houses that gave refuge to demonstrators, or where they think people are chanting from rooftops at night, so they can revisit them at their leisure. The Opposition has an answer to that, too. It is encouraging all Iranians to paint red crosses on their houses.

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